Mobile App Several Template Errors

Hello, I am having serious problems with the templates and devices created from the web and those that appear in the app. Details:

Templates from de Web:
Blynk Templates web
Templates in the app:

Why do I see all those templates? From the app they can not be deleted either. I have a PRO subscription.

I do not know if it is linked to the previous problem or not but the dashboard created from the app is not updated, the dasboard is different.

Dashboard created form de the app:

Device visualization on the app:



Can you send logs from the app? Before sending logs please do the next steps:

  1. Go to developer mode so it gets into the app
  2. Exit developer mode

To send logs: Left menu of the main screen β†’ About β†’ Send Logs

I see that it is the android app, which version is it?

@Terabot is that something new and you start seeing this bug just recently or this is an old thing and you just decided to write about it?

Hi, it’s a new project. I need support for this issue.

Please send logs from the app, and before sending them - open developer mode so it will reload. As described above

Hi, the SO it’s MIUI 11.0.11 but on iPhone 6 have the same problem. How insert the log? Like code? How i do that?

  1. Go to developer mode so it reloads
  2. Exit developer mode
  3. Open left menu
  4. Select About
  5. Click on Send Logs and select gmail


Any resolution on this issue?
I have the same problem… templates in the mobile app do not match what is in the web console.

Just started happening. I had 4 devices that used the same template in both the web and mobile. But today I was working in the mobile app and the template and all 4 devices are gone. All are still available in the web console though.

Hi, My issue was the template ID on the code! Check if the template id its the same on your code.

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Hello. I have a similar problem. I created a template and two devices in the web version. In the application, none of these devices is displayed and the template too.
When you try to add a new template, a message appears that it is already in use.

In the web version, I connected one of the devices, it was defined as online and even transmits data, but the application on the phone indicates that there are no connected devices yet.

Can you send logs from the app? About β†’ Send Logs β†’ Select Gmail β†’ Send