Mobile app login in different countries

I am using blr1 server on the web but my location on the app is sgp1 and I can not log in with the user on the web in-app, how can I sync them or change the server on the app?

Hello, @longlong7211 Where is your actual location? Are you using android or ios?

my location in Viet Nam, I use android device

@longlong7211 Also please need the app version. What version of the app?

Blynk iot 1.7.6

Version 1.7.6 (109) 24.01.2023 ?

@longlong7211 Are you registered in Vietnam?. And on the web platform you registered on blr1 server?

Yes lasted version on CH play.
On web I registered on blr1, I tried login on mobile with the user on the web but it does not work after that I registered a new account same email and it did not sync with the web

Hello, @longlong7211. Not reproduced for me. App is connected to blr1 server. And the application should automatically connect to the server on which there is an account.

You may have internet provider problems. Maybe you have 2 accounts on different servers.
Try use VPN in phone to connect in app to blr1 server


That is what @longlong7211 said…


I think it better delete same acc. I mean acc with same email login