Mobile App iOS Colors for Widget Properties

So I am running the - TMK - the latest Blynk Library in PlatformIO (V 1.2.0) and on the iPhone - V3.51.

I was taking a Legacy App and converting it to Blynk 2.0. And none of the colors for the various Widgets were matching the Legacy App. I check the New Docs and it stated it was the Hex Value from HTML logic (0xRRGGBB) - which was what legacy used. And these values matched the values in the Documentation also.

So I started playing with base values like 0xFF0000 for RED and realized that if I used 0x00FFFF - it worked. So I started inverting all my colors from the Legacy code and behold things started looking correct.

So my question is - is this an Error - was there a redesign note/comment that I missed or ???.

Obviously it is easy enough to invert things - but if this is an error which will be corrected - I want to keep the original stuff around.

Thanks so much. Blynk Rocks.

SIDE NOTE: Appears that the WebApp uses the original values (i.e. match Legacy) - this implies that if I set a color of something (like an LED) - if I send 0x00FFFF - in the Mobile app I get the RED - but in the Web-App - I get a Blue-ish Color. Oh Boy. Help please :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

Hello, It is better to use in code HEX color, like #ED9D00. But if it works for you and there are no errors, I think if there are errors it is better to switch to HEX

Note: The 0xED9D00 is the HEX value if you were placing it into an INT variable - it gets converted to a #ED9D00 for the STRING which is sent to BLYNK.
The point is not the format I am expressing - it is that the value the iOS mobile app wants it “inverted”.
Example: If you sent the #ED9D00 - to the iOS app and expected it to be an ORANGE color - currently it would show up as a BLUE color - you would need to send #1262FF value to get the ORANGE. Simply put it is INVERTED.

Note: The Web-App works as expected.

I apologize if using the INT vs STRING designation for the HEX value has created confusion.

SO I finally figured out what is happening. Because I prefer a “dark mode” - I was hoping that if the iOS was set to dark mode - Blynk would too. But it does NOT. So the only way I found to do this was to turn on SMART INVERT in the BLYNK App Accessibility configuration.
I did this prior to ever really creating any apps (i.e. was just setting things up) - so didnt happen to think it was doing this.

So for anyone that shifts to SMART INVERT - know that ALL colors (not just background) are inverted - and will NOT match the Wep-App (even when it is set to dark mode).


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