Missing vpins, again :(

Sup y’all,

It’s happening again. vPins M.I.A.


Raspi local server 0.11.4
iPhone 5 x2, me and my wife (same versions IOS and Blynk)
Dashboard made for an Arduino Nano via Ethernet (ENC28J60)
Dashboard with 3 graph widgets (each 1 LDR sensor) using virtualWrite

After removing the graph widget the virtual pins V0, V1 and V2 disappear when I try to add another widget, let’s say Display Value (I need more space, so graph out, value in).

What’s happening here? There is no Android involved, the user I made on the local Pi server only logs in from the two (same) iPhones. I’m about to give all up and find alternatives or make something up myself because this is starting to really frustrate me in more ways then one…

You could look in the Blynk dir on the pi at the u_login in name file. This shows the construct of the dashboards. Maybe these V pins are not getting deleted?
I would just delete this dashboard and start again. Done it quite a few times now!

I don’t want to delete my dashboard because:

  1. it should just work fine
  2. it has historical data

I’ve done it a few times too, but I don’t want to be putting in new tokens all the time and getting new historical data again.

@Lichtsignaal Fix will be available in next iOS release. Please be patient and sorry fro inconveniences.

Ah ok. good to know it’s a known bug!

Appstore checks, I know …

@Lichtsignaal please give me also your email (login account).

I’m running local server, so it’s not much use I think, but if you want logfiles/user files I can send them to you :slight_smile:

I need to see your profile. Could you please send it to me? It is in dataDir starting from u_*.user.

I’ll send it to you tonight (currently I’m at work now).