Missing scrollbar in web dashboard

scrollbar missing from web dashboard. I have multiple values and unable to see all the values because no scrollbar.

Thanks for the report.

What browser version / OS do you have?
Please try to clear the browser cache. Does that help?

What’s your screen resolution?
Seems that it’s less than 1366x768
Anyway, Blynk Console supports minimum of 1280x800

I can suggest quick workaround that might be helpful till the issue is fixed after the next deployment:

  1. ctrl + mouse scroll (browser zoom in) until Dashboard scrollbar becomes visible;
  2. hover on Dashboard and scroll the mouse wheel to roll the Dashboard.

I don’t think problem is with the browser. I tries on 3 different laptops. The scrollbar appears if I expand the screen by clicking on image .
I think scrollbar should appear always irrespective of browser size if all the widgets are not visible. Also lot of space is utilized here

. I think it can be reduced.

Just checked. If I reduce the screen by clicking ctrl -, the scrollbar appears. I think it should appear by default. Thanks for the quick reply though.

Hi @rkgarg20 If you are the macOS user, the scrollbar only appears when you scroll with touch pad/Keyboard or whatever you use. Usually it’s normal behavior for mac device’s.

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How do you do to get gauges 2x2, mine are 4x2 :thinking:


That could be done before widgets sizes rework.

Do you mean that we will never get 4X4 gauge size ? :thinking:

I mean that min size is 4x2 for gauge now.

it’s very bad, gauges are too large compare to other widgets and we cannot harmonize the graphic charter :wink:

oops, I meant 2x2 , not 4x4 !