Missing data from "export to csv"


today I downloaded my data from the superchart widget. I plot tha data on excel and noticed that 19 days data is missing.
The log is from Jul 11 2018 to Aug 29 2018, but i only got data from Jul 30 to Aug 29.

Thanks for given support


Hello. Please use Reports widget instead. CSV is only for 1 month.

ok. Thank you very much.

Bye and congrats


I’ve put the report widget in my blynk app but i still don’t get all my data?
I don’t know why?

if i ask for 1 month record i get all the month from 31jul till today, if i ask for 3month data , i get data from 24aug till today.
Could you please help me download my data?
I can see it so why can’t I download it?