Migration of projects

After a rasberry crash where the Blynk server has been running now I can’t start it anymore. I have another raspberry where a version of Blynk is already installed. Is there a way to migrate all projects and users from that no longer working to the efficient one?

You need a backup of your old project, else you can’t retrieve it.
all was store in \Home\pi path.

If you can get a card reader to read your SD card and find the /home/pi/blynk folder then it should contain a file that has your email address as part of the title. This file contains all of the information about your projects, widgets etc.
If you can retrieve this file then you should be able to copy it across to your new server setup and carry on where you left off.
You won’t have historic data, and it depends on your data storage choices about how and where that is stored, but for most people simply getting the configuration data is a good starting point.

As you’ve discovered, SD cards do fail, and usually at the most inconvenient time. If you plan to keep on running a local server on a Pi for a while then you’d be better adding a SSD drive as your boot device, as they are much more reliable. It is still a good idea to copy your important files to another device now and again though.


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Thanks Pete, you’re as usual very exhaustive.
A question: is the file indicating is the only file you need to restore complete projects? The file user is restored, then he adds it to users already present?

I forgot: I don’t know how to use a raspberry without SD … do you have any info to give me about the use of a start-up SSD?

I think so. You may need to reset the password via the admin console though.

It depends on the type of Pi you have, and the OS you are running.
Lots of YouTube tutorials though.