Migrate from Ubuntu Server to Raspbian. Which files?

Hi folks! I would want to migrate my blynk server from Ubuntu Server from to Raspbian… so… after installed blynk server, which files I must move to maintain all my config?

everything in the parameter -dataFolder (or data.folder=/storage/blynk/data if you configured server.properties).

Remember, do not throw anything away on the old system until everything works!!!


data.folder=/storage/blynk or -dataFolder /storage/blynk has the general and user configuration files.

/storage/blynk/data/ only holds the individual (historical) data for the users/accounts.

At least on my Ubuntu systems!? :thinking:

I think the easiest way is to just copy everything from your Blynks working directory.

This will create a tar-ball with all files an directories recursively and keep the structure:

~$ cd /storage/blynk
~$ tar cvf backup.tar *

Copy the backup.tar to the directory which you intend to use on your RPi and extract the files:

~$ tar xvf backup.tar

You might need to change user and group to match your new system. From the same directory you extracted the files, do

~$ chown -R blynk:blynk *

where “blynk:blynk” is “user:group”.

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Very exhaustive! Thanks!

I made a small change, use * instead of ./ when creating the tar-ball. Both will work, but tar spits out an notice about archiving the archive into the archive when using ./ :wink:

If you have gzip and gunzip installed on your system, you could compress the tar-ball. Add the z option and change the file extension to .tgz so you know it’s compressed.


~$ tar cvfz backup.tgz *

~$ tar xvfz backup.tgz