Migrate device to new account at new blynk

I have problem with migrate device to another account at new blynk.
i already delete the device at older account but, when the device was uploaded with new BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID and BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME, the device seem like stuck with older acces point. so blynk iot app cant scan and add this device.

Please help me how to solve this, Thank You.

Have you tried to reconfigure the device ?

i already delete the old account, so i cant reconfigure the device

You’ve not provided any information about your actual device, and seem to have taken a scattergun approach with the tags that you’ve assigned to the topic…


If you are using an ESP8266 then in the Arduino IDE choose Tools > Erase Flash > All Flash Contents
This will clear the saved WiFi credentials.

With an ESP32 then choosing a different partition scheme should achieve the same result.

If you’ve used the Edgent sketch then it has a reset button defined (in Settings.h). Pressing this for 10 seconds will clear the saved credentials.

If you are actually using the multiwifi-multiblynk library with Blynk IoT then you might want to revisit this choice, but reading the documentation should allow you to trigger the double reset detector and clear the credentials that way.

In future, proper info on exactly which hardware and software you are using would be a better starting point for a “need help with my project” type of topic.


thanks, using Tools > Erase Flash glad it works