Microsoft Azure AD for a single sign on method

Hi all!

We are looking to create a sensor system at the work place using Arduino Mega 2560 and Ehternet shield 2. It would push data from the arduino sensors to the Blynk cloud server, and to our phones for notifications/alerts. I have managed to get this working at home and now want to integrate at work.

We have an IT department who are asking if Blynk supports Microsoft Azure AD for a single sign on method so that I can sign in with my work account.

Is this possible?

Kind Regards

As far as I know, there is no method that you are asking.

And also many companies don’t allow IOT devices to be plugged in or be a part of their network. I am pretty sure they will insist you on using a SIM card compatible device to push the sensor data.

i have faced such issues in the past.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I hear you - I am currently working with IT on the project and they will be setting up a new VLAN specifically for these types of devices in the near future (too many other people want to begin projects with them).

This is their first question regarding logins…