Micropython, set_interval function issue

Does the Blynk, Micropython set_interval function -class Timer- allow intervals in fractions of a second as its first argument?

I ask because I use the function as follows:

timer.set_interval(0.9, updateMarquee)

and the time that updateMarquee() is called seems to be the same as if I use

timer.set_interval(0.1, updateMarquee)

Furthermore, the time in which updateMarquee() is called is very fast, as if there were no waiting interval; as if time is truncated to 0 s.

Only when I use

timer.set_interval(1, updateMarquee)

updateMarquee() is called correctly (i.e. every second)

p.s. I am using the GitHub - vshymanskyy/blynk-library-python: Blynk library for Python. Works with Python 2, Python 3, MicroPython. library