Merge projects


I’ve done a google search and I didn’t find anything. and I think this is a cool idea to work with.

It would be possible to merge to projects into one? ie: I’ve three different projects running:

  • environmental sensor + LED controller (photon)
  • environmental sensor + LED controller (nodemcu)
  • Sonoff smartplug

So, with the sensor nodes there is no problem, it’s quite easy to update the code and change the token, but, to change the sonoff smartplug, I need to open it, connect to the usb to uart adaptor, upload the code and close everything again (I know I’ve should put OTA on those, don’t blame me).

Besides my problem, it could be interesting to have the chance to merge two projects, to avoid getting a new token and without needing to create all the widgets again.

I’m thinking about home automation, where you can have some devices running and if you create a new one, maybe you don’t want to have new functions on there, but without compromise everything else.

Hope you guys found this interesting.


Hello. Right now this is not possible (well, possible but this requires manual work that is our case not possible :slight_smile: ).

So, this is not going to be implemented or accepted as suggestion?

Thisis partially, what we already provide for our business customers. Unfortunately can’t estimate if/when it is available for community edition.

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Nice to know. Will love to see that option for us :slight_smile: