Menu widget web dashboard : options not updated


my menu widget in a web dashboard does not update option labels

my python code sends labels property :

blynk.set_property(PIN_MENU, 'labels', *blist)

also tried :

blynk.set_property(PIN_MENU 'labels', "station 1", "station 2", "station 3")

widget is correctly updated on iOS app but not in web dashboard

option changes in both app and web are correctly reported the one to the other and transmitted to my server, but option labels are never updated in web dashboard

did I forget something ?

thank you

Hello, you are doing everything right, but at the moment this feature is not implemented for the console (web dashboard), only for mobile applications

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Thank you Yuliia for your answer

ok, since the menu widget is not mentioned as beta in the console editor I supposed it was working as the app widget

please also note that the label widget color property sets the text color in app, but the background color in console

it would be great to have for each widget a summary of all available properties for both app and console in the same doc page
Thanks !


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Already fixed. We’ll be avaialble with the next deploy (~week)

Agree. That’s what I was thinking recently as well.

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Thank you Dmitriy for the good news !


Ah yes found this too recently. Good news that we will be able to update the label in the drop down menu in the app and it will appear in the web widget as well. I use this function in the app to dynamically change the options in the menu widget.