Menu Widget error

I jus realized that Menu Widget and Superchart aren’t working as supossed.

Menu Widget is allways keeping the first option of the menu and you can’t change it.

I have automatic update for the Blynk app then I believe I have the last version.

To be sure I just uninstalled and re-installed the new version and problem persist.

I has been using this project for a long time withou any issues, I’m pretty sure I tested everything past week and everything was working fine.

Any Ideas?

This is my Menu Widget setup:

And the datastream:

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to say whether you are using iOS or Android and what version of the app you currently have installed?


I’m sorry:

Phone. Samsung Galaxy A12
Android 12

Because of @John93 reply, this bug was already reported.

That still doesn’t tell us which version of the Blynk app you’re using.


The last one @PeteKnight . The app is updated as soon a new version is released. I remarked that in my post.

Is it really too much effort to go into the “About” menu of the Blynk app and provide this information?


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1.6.2 (91) Pete.

Thanks! Checking.

Problem has been solved.