Menu reset after sellct item


I’m working on ESP8266 only ,via Arduino IDE,

i build an application that use the menu widget,
and the menu is selecting the time that the led need to be on, and after the times up the led need to o off,
i want to reset the the menu from 1 of the labels to the choosing line (hint text), because if the label is steel
stay on the same value i choose, after the on time it goes off and then on again, and its happened all the time like a loop.

can someone help ???
Thanks in advance

I haven’t tested menu widget yet and I dont know if this will work but maybe you can try it?
This works for Table widget to select specific item.

Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "pick", 0);

try this for now untill
@Dmitriy can confirm that such a feature exists

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Nothing like that. Sorry.

Hi Fettkeewl

The Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, “pick”, 0); actually working,

Thank you

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I don’t think so. The 0 in that line can be any number, and it still resets the menu picker to the first entry. Is there a way to set the menu picker from the hardware side?