Measuring distance without GPS and other range modules

Greetings everyone,
I’m writing this question hoping it’s not stupid.
Is it possible to measure distance between two points using geo location Application programing interface ‘API’, and without using any modules?
I know that this post ain’t related to any Blynk labels, but I’ve found it could be in here, at least from my prespective.

Do I understand correctly - you want an ESP89266 with no GPS module attached to be able to report it’s location?

If so, how will the ESP8266 be connecting to the internet, bearing in mind that it wont have a known WiFi network within range?
What sort of accuracy are you looking for?
Do you have a budget to subscribe to database of router MAC addresses and their geolocations, as used by Apple, Google or Skyhook?


Yes, this is exactly what I want.

Really, why?

High level of accuracy is quite required for my project.

Google offers a free 12-month plan. Otherwise, there are many free API services out there by example and not limited to Elyez.
Thanks in advance.

Well, if your ESP is in a known location, such as home or work, then it will be connecting to the WiFi network there. If it’s roaming around the countryside, in your stolen car for example, then it won’t have any known Wi-Fi networks to connect to.

The Google free 12 month plan sounds interesting. Do you have the details?

Where does Blynk fit in to this equation?


Sure, They offer three popular consumer products: Maps, routes and places products.
Moreover, Google Cloud Platform offers a 12-month, $300 free trial and Google Maps Platform features a recurring $200 monthly credit. (see GCP Free Tier).
The free trial applies toward the first billing account you create.
During the free trial, your first billing account is in “free trial mode” and no charges will be made against your payment method. The free trial ends after 12 months or when the $300 is spent, whichever happens first.
On or before the free trial ends, you must upgrade your first billing account to a paid account to avoid any disruptions to your Google Maps Platform usage (see Upgrading to a paid account).
For more details consider to visit their official website down here:
More details are in the end of the official google page.
And for the procedures on how to get it, you can consult this page:
Get Google API in 1 minute.

It actually doesn’t fit in this question, but I just wanted to know from an expert whether an API can measure a distance or not.
Hope this can help you.

Something else I didn’t mention is that you will not be charged until you exceed your monthly amount “200$”.