Mbed Blynk RBL BLE Nano, error when trying to run the code

Hello, I am trying to run this code Blynk_RBL_BLE_Nano from mbed sample code website for an arm mbed lpc1768 board as a sample to see how it works and I get an error every time that I run it. Can anyone help or know what the error in the code is and how to solve it. Thank you

code sample link: https://os.mbed.com/users/vshymanskyy/code/Blynk_RBL_BLE_Nano/

You are not the only one to have incountered that error…

@vshymanskyy old code, library, etc., or something related to mbed?

“undefined identifier” error usually means a variable is not declared globally, but called outside the scope of its loop… but not sure how millis is affected as it is more a ‘command’ than a variable… or so I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, Gunner, There is not solution yet for this problem???

@jllano I have already asked the author of the example, only 6 hours ago… he might be sleeping or busy earning a paycheck… give it time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meanwhile, look into the whole variable declaration thing on your end… ask about it on mbed’s forum… or just wait I guess :wink:

@jllano We’re preparing for Blynk 0.5.0 release, and the issue will be addressed there, as well as many other improvements. Stay tuned!

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