Maximum size of Terminal output

@Dmitriy I know has a default maximum store of 25 strings with the following entry:


I have the following entries in my sketch before any of the Blynk libraries are called:


I can paste a String of 1000 characters into the Terminal but when I ask Terminal to repeat the String it appears to be truncated to well below 1000 characters.

Is there a setting somewhere for Terminal to display up to 1200 characters?

Does those 1000 chars come form hardware side?

@Dmitriy the 1000 characters are generated by the hardware or pasted into Terminal, both forms are truncated.

@Dmitriy just to add, when I started using Terminal in this particular project earlier today I think it was outputting 1000+ characters. If this is the case I suspect it relates to a combination of the maximum number of Terminal records that can be saved (default 25) and the size of each record.

So Terminal Output can be > 1000 but Terminal record storage can’t be > 25000 (25 X 1000).

Is the Terminal storage allowance included in the following default kb total from


I have the 64 set to 128 on my server.

What about increasing BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES and BLYNK_MAX_READBYTES. Usually we use UTF-8 strings so it may require 2 times more space.

I am currently only getting around 240 characters from Terminal so I would need 4 or 5 times not 2 times.