Maximum number of users

I am going to create a prototype for an application in which I need about 200 users for a single device, I have the PRO plan.
I have the problem that there are only 40 users in total for this plan, the idea is to produce more devices, but I think I will not be able to.
Can I only have more 40 users 1 devices with the PRO plan?
This application is designed for communities of neighbours, I don’t understand the limitation of users to use the same app.


You can add more user seats to your PRO plan.


I don’t understand why the PRO plan is only meant for one user for one device, I don’t understand limiting the number of users per device.
I will look for another alternative, thank you.

It’s done for simplicity. So when you buy a PRO plan you get 40 devices and 40 users. And it is up to you how to use that limit. You can share 1 device with 40 users, or you can give every user a single device or you can give a single user 40 devices.

PRO plan designed for small businesses/companies. So we assume that you make some money when using PRO. And of course, there are higher limits on PRO 100 and PRO 500 plans if that fits your need. Also, you may consider a business plan as well, where you have no limits (very high limits actually).

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Thank you for your answer.
In my case I am a freelancer and I am starting, so I am not making money at the moment is a gamble.
In my first project I need a device to connect many users about 300, I have to charge a lot to the community for a single device and it is not profitable for the community.
I give an example, I buy a device to turn on a light bulb and in my house we are 41 users, these low cost devices allow me to connect many users to this device and do not increase costs, only charge for the devices they buy.
I don’t know if I have explained myself well, but for those of us who are starting out it is not easy to explain why I charge per user and not per device.

Thank you for your attention