Master & slave Blynk

I have an idea to have one Blynk which has network access (WiFi, Ethernet, etc) to help other Blynk which can only do Serial interface to connect to Blynk server. The example of use case is if I have ESP-12E, with plenty of IO and processing power, and I also have Arduino nano. So I can program both unit with Blynk/ arduino IDE normally, each on different token, then connect the serial port of the Nano to ESP, then both can be connected to Server. I can then create two Apps interface, one for each module.
Interestingly, if this can be done, using UART profile of BLE, then I can detach Nano and ESP and fit a pair of BLE to get serially connected each other, pretty much solving BLE connectivity more elegant way.

Many thanks…

you would be further ahead to just buy a second esp8266. This would be cheaper, easier and more functional.

A single HC 06 is going for around $4 on eBay. You would need 2. And the additional arduino would run you another $5 or so. You can get 5 esp8266 for that and have a whole whack of Blynk devices running independent of each other. :smile:

Yes, second ESP would be cheap… but I’m thinking more to power requirement and size… also if i have cc3200. well I believe the underlying code might already be exist for debugging, so exposing it to add this small feature would be no harm…

We will think about it. Maybe some time in future.
Currently it’s beyond the scope of Blynk…