MASSIVE PROJECT: Wifi powered smart system for multi zone, multi floor - floor-heating system. Powered by Blynk

A ‘friend’ of mine put the idea in my head to write a blog on my Blynk project…46 pages later and only version one I realise that that was a project on itself. I still need to find a spot for the code, probably github, but I haven’t figured that part out yet. Anyway… buckle up for this document. Its currently version 1 and I need to go through it again but I hope its an interesting read…

The code:


:open_mouth: whoa! This is a great read! Well done!:clap::clap::clap:

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you and you’re welcome!

Hopefully not sounding too soapy: I couldn’t have done this without the awesome support of this forum!! So thank you all too!


That is really a MASSIVE project! Now I wish you a reliable wifi network, especially in winter time :wink:

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yup that one is rather vital…along with a lot of other things, like valves, pumps, heating system…
For the past 12 years they’ve all broken down at least once, but a router is much easier and quickly replaced than an internal valve or distribution pump! And the wifi has never failed longer than a hard reset. My ISP though did have some screw ups which is one of the reasons I want this running local. So ‘no wifi’ is literally the least of my worries.

Its wise though to have ‘spare parts’ lying around. Which include a couple of wemos units, an additional rpi and router.

And its also the reason I have this running in the summer, so I can test, test and test.

Well done!!.. both the efforts and the article… I hope the end result is that nice warm feeling in the soul (of your feet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Good news, I’ve got the github repository up and running, that turned out to be a LOT easier than expected. I’m currently tinkering in the code for the thermostats and the relays and uploaded that ‘in media res’ so its possible that it fails if you try it out as it is now. But you can always have a look. Code can be found in the updated first post.

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