Massive delay with blynk notify messages getting pushed through

Ever since there has been a massive delay with blynk notify messages getting pushed through (android) I’ve now moved to pushing all messages (email & notify) to telegram via webhook to my Telegram BlynkBot group. No delays and you can add anyone to the group you want to receive the messages.


How big is this “massive delay”?


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It’ll be around 5min …is that considered massive @PeteKnight?

Wow! Sounds like an eternity :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m still getting pretty-much instantaneous (maybe 1 second delay) notifications using Blynk Cloud and iOS.


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Yes that’s what was frustrating me… My wife was getting notifications well before I was as she uses an iPhone as well.

emails go through numerous machines to get from the sender machine to your email.
Inspect the email headers and look at the time stamps along the way - you may find it is some service provider along the way that is causing the delay.

Thanks @DaleSchultz for advising but it was just blynk.notify that had the delay… I just decided to consolidate and use telegram as my single message alert platform.

I am not sure how Blynk.notify is transmitted, stored… but even with Local Server, I have a wide range of response times amongst my used devices. Sometimes (usually) instant, other times it happens minutes later.
I suspect this is dependent on priority and permissions set in the device.

But I even get them days/weeks later when I turn on a formerly unused (powered down) device. Android or iOS (I only have the one iOS device and it is usually powered off)