Map Widget question

It is possible to show Value and label on my map pin?

It is common to ask the question in the topic, not the title… I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:

A little bit of reading goes a long way…

Look at index and “value”


I would like it to show when tap on sensor.

Would like (what?) to show when you tap (where?) on sensor (what sensor?)

Very sorry.Just learning english here.
I have a sensor on this specific location.
I would like to:

  1. Show sensor data when tap on the map pin. (solved).
  2. Show sensor name when tap on the map pin.

Hope this helps.

I guess you could put your sensor name as the index and the sensor data as value.

whould the index show on the Map Pin?

I don’t know… I haven’t; messed around with the index much yet.

Thanks i will mess with it.


Looks like String Addition Operator did the trick:

String string1 = "Sensor Name: ";
String Test= string1+ MASHTEMP;
int index1 = 1;
double lat1 = 39.493836 ;
double lon1 = -121.715460 ;
myMap.location(index1, lat1, lon1, Test);

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I think the index just allows you to have multiple points on the map (preferably with different locations :wink: ), like in a loop or something where you want to leave a trail. But if you want to just overwrite or move a single point, then you use the same index number.

Yes, i use a different index variable for each sensor I add to my project.