Manual Activate/Deactivate static token- Blynk 2.0

Hello dear,
Using Organization, we can create subdivisions of our projects and connect them to a unique token to make it work. We can monitor the functionality for every device either in the web or into the app.
Is there any possibility to activate/deactivate a static token? I know the way to add users and delete them upon request, but I’m wondering if there is any choice to stop and activate a token upon request. I don’t want to delete any token (that will stop device working) but just to stop the communication with the cloud and starting again when I need.


Looks like no. You can read Deploying Products With Static Tokens - Blynk Documentation

It is 3 options in web platform

  1. Create
  2. Delete
  3. Disclaim


Hi … well I know those very well … the interesting thing was to put on hold the device for a while without doing anything else. Disclam will not stop the device … only delete de token will do the job … but after that you have to upload the software again with a new token.

Send an OTA update by commenting out the inside the loop. This will stop all the functionality of the device😅.

This is just an walk around. But does the trick.

Good idea …but OTA doesn’t work on Arduino Mega over Ethernet as far as I know. It should be a simple mechanism into the Static Token webpage to activate/deactivate the token.

Now … I have an idea. If I disable some datastreams under that specific template … that should disable functionalities into all devices that are under that template right ?.. Should do the trick or not ?

The widgets will be grayed out, and users won’t be able to use them.

You can disable/enable widgets using the

Blynk.setProperty(V1, "isDisabled", true);

You can also show/hide widgets using the

Blynk.setProperty(V1, "isHidden", true);
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Hi John,

Your proposal can be used to be loaded into the device sketch … but I’m wondering what happens if I delete one (or more) virtual variables from the template? … my logic tells me that will be no communication between Mobile App and device. Device will run locally… but if can’t get the updates from mobile app will stop. That will stop the functionality of the device. Looks to me like a work around… that will suppress the functionality for all devices connected to that template. Am I right? … restoring the virtual variables will restore functionality for all devices. Am I right?

You can change the properties using API as well.

Do you mean datastream?

Yes data streams.

That should work, but you should keep in mind that there’s no option to backup and restore, so if you delete one and would like to create it again, you have to start from scratch.