Manage automaticelly different Wifi

Hello Blynkers !!!

I am an escape room manager and plan to use lots of NodeMCU for my next scenario.
Many opening will occurs through bridge from an ESP to another.

The thing is, wifi issues means no opening ! And thats a big problem for an Escape Room =p

Is there a way to add 2 differents SSID into my code and allow Blynk to switch from the one who doesnt work to a smartphone in wifi sharing for example.

Thanks a lot !

Blynk is great for many things… but as an IoT process, it is relient on the networking/internet infrastructure and the Server connection… Thus not so great for mision/life critical scenarios in which that very infrastructure can be easily disrupted.

Good old fashioned buttons, levers, switches, key pads and hard wiring are still necessary. As well as “Works without Blynk Server connection” code to link with those manual controls.

There is… but how well it can work automatically is a whole 'nother issue. Search this forum for other discussions about that.

yes, WifiManager can manage multiple networks.
when trying to connect, you obtain a list of SSIDs, and you attempt connection to the ones you know/trust in whatever order you decide.

another option would be that if wifi is lost for some time period, all doors are unlocked.
The safety net stuff can be made to run even if Blynk and wifi are absent. or lost.

You can use a timer to regularly check if Blynk is connected.

If it’s not connected then you can use an alternative hard-coded SSID/Password combination, or launch WiFiManager to allow an alternative to be used.

BTW, if this is a commercial venture (i.e if you make any money from the think that you’re using Blynk for) then you should be signing-up for a Blynk paid subscription.


Thank you guys.

I have just had a second thought about my question and I think I am wrong.

When I say Wifi issues, I mean no more internet trought Wifi. Which indeed can occur pretty easily.

But I finally guess that Blynk is just using the Wifi to communicat, either internet is available or not right ?

In this case, Wifi issues is wayyyy less propable to happen and this situation would almost likely never happend right ?

It depends if you are using local or cloud server.
If you have a local server and a router that will continue to provide routing and Wi-Fi functions when there is no internet connection then yes.
Your phone/tablet running the Blynk app would of course need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, rather than a mobile data network.


Thanks Pete.

I am going to give a look at making my own server in this case. If it is too complicated, I think I am going to try to manage 2 Wifi (the regular one and the one provided with my phone when its on sharing mode) with timer.