Making the device dashboard publicly accessibly without login credentials?

Hello all,

I am working on a project where I would like to give public access to the device controls to individuals using the device. I would like to put a QR code under the device that would let the user access the web dashboard publicly.

Is this possible with the current web dashboard? Asking all of the users to download an app or login is going to be too difficult. Thanks in advance!

Hello, no at the moment. But this feature is in our roadmap.

Thanks for the quick response Dmitriy. Any suggestions for any workaround that make this possible today? Maybe with the help of an intermediate service?

I am working on an early stage startup that is looking at making such devices and allowing their users to control it. I love Blynk and its simplicity, but unfortunately inability to do this would be a big barrier to our adoption.

Workaround is to invite people to your org and they’ll be able to see the device.

As per his idea, his project will be used by the public.

By inviting everyone to the org, will the user seats offered by the plan get deducted as n when new public member gets into the org ?

As per my understanding for every invite we loose one user seat. Am i right ?