Making blynk apk compatible with chrome


Making blynk compatible with chrome would be great for accesing from laptop !

Bluestack works but it’s very powerhungry for small laptop.
Chrome running apk is the futur ! :smiley:

I have tried making it compatible with chrome via twerk :

The app work, but not the connection to the server (network access problem), however, facebook login work ! you can login via facebook, but when you are logged, nothing happend (black screen) (it must be a problem with the connection to the blynk server)

Any idea ?

edit : Explanation on how to use twerk

You must have the apk file of blynk, for this you can use Myapksharer (search on playstore)

Use twerk to generate extension (select" for phone "and “portrait mode”)

Twerk will generate an unpacked extension

To install it, go to chrome extension page, enable developer mode (top right corner), click load unpacked extension (top right corner), select the correct folder

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