Maker Upgrade

I was on the Plus and now moved to the Maker plan but don’t seem to have the 20 datastream/template limit. If I upgrade to 20 devices will I be limited to 20 datastream after that?
The upgrade to the Pro plan now is harder to justify…there should be a package in between.

Hi @Northernboy ,

According to the documentation, the limit on the number of datastreams on the Maker plan is 20, regardless of whether the number of devices is 10 or 20. Also, with the limit on the number of templates for the Maker plan, it is 10 templates.

Dmitriy from Blynk

If more than 20 datastreams are needed what is our options? Upgrade to Pro which is really hard to justify for users. There should be another package available for advanced users. I’ve using Blynk for years and this limitation is making consider other options.