Make wifi credentials password visible wifimanager

Hello me again!
Thanks to Pet I am finishing my project I was able to add the wifimanager library after many hours … now I need help please with a detail I would like that when filling in the wifi credentials in the wifimanager AP the password is always visible, since there are router passwords They are very complicated :slight_smile: and it can be very difficult to write well without being able to see what one is writing, I leave the code of the library , thank you

   WiFiManager is a library for the ESP8266/Arduino platform
   ( to enable easy
   configuration and reconfiguration of WiFi credentials using a Captive Portal
   inspired by:
   Built by AlexT
   Licensed under MIT license

#ifndef WiFiManager_h
#define WiFiManager_h

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ESP8266WebServer.h>
#include <DNSServer.h>
#include <memory>

extern "C" {
  #include "user_interface.h"

const char HTTP_HEADER[] PROGMEM          = "<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=\"en\"><head><meta charset=\"UTF-8\"><meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=no\"/><title>{v}</title>";
const char HTTP_STYLE[] PROGMEM           = "<style>.c{text-align: center;} div,input{padding:5px;font-size:1em;} input{width:95%;} body{text-align: center;font-family:verdana;} button{border:0;border-radius:0.3rem;background-color:#1fa3ec;color:#fff;line-height:2.4rem;font-size:1.2rem;width:100%;} .q{float: right;width: 64px;text-align: right;} .l{background: url(\"\") no-repeat left center;background-size: 1em;}</style>";
const char HTTP_SCRIPT[] PROGMEM          = "<script>function c(l){document.getElementById('s').value=l.innerText||l.textContent;document.getElementById('p').focus();}</script>";
const char HTTP_HEADER_END[] PROGMEM        = "</head><body><div style='text-align:left;display:inline-block;min-width:260px;'>";
const char HTTP_PORTAL_OPTIONS[] PROGMEM  = "<form action=\"/wifi\" method=\"get\"><button>Configure WiFi</button></form><br/><form action=\"/0wifi\" method=\"get\"><button>Configure WiFi (No Scan)</button></form><br/><form action=\"/i\" method=\"get\"><button>Info</button></form><br/><form action=\"/r\" method=\"post\"><button>Reset</button></form>";
const char HTTP_ITEM[] PROGMEM            = "<div><a href='#p' onclick='c(this)'>{v}</a>&nbsp;<span class='q {i}'>{r}%</span></div>";
const char HTTP_FORM_START[] PROGMEM      = "<form method='get' action='wifisave'><input id='s' name='s' length=32 placeholder='SSID'><br/><input id='p' name='p' length=64 type='PASSWORD' placeholder='PASSWORD'><br/>";
const char HTTP_FORM_PARAM[] PROGMEM      = "<br/><input id='{i}' name='{n}' maxlength={l} placeholder='{p}' value='{v}' {c}>";
const char HTTP_FORM_END[] PROGMEM        = "<br/><button type='submit'>GUARDAR</button></form>";
const char HTTP_SCAN_LINK[] PROGMEM       = "<br/><div class=\"c\"><a href=\"/wifi\">Scan</a></div>";
const char HTTP_SAVED[] PROGMEM           = "<div>Configuracion Guardada<br />NanoWifi conectandose a red wifi....<br />Si falla  la conexion vuelva a intentar otra vez</div>";
const char HTTP_END[] PROGMEM             = "</div></body></html>";


class WiFiManagerParameter {
        Create custom parameters that can be added to the WiFiManager setup web page
        @id is used for HTTP queries and must not contain spaces nor other special characters
    WiFiManagerParameter(const char *custom);
    WiFiManagerParameter(const char *id, const char *placeholder, const char *defaultValue, int length);
    WiFiManagerParameter(const char *id, const char *placeholder, const char *defaultValue, int length, const char *custom);

    const char *getID();
    const char *getValue();
    const char *getPlaceholder();
    int         getValueLength();
    const char *getCustomHTML();
    const char *_id;
    const char *_placeholder;
    char       *_value;
    int         _length;
    const char *_customHTML;

    void init(const char *id, const char *placeholder, const char *defaultValue, int length, const char *custom);

    friend class WiFiManager;

class WiFiManager

    boolean       autoConnect();
    boolean       autoConnect(char const *apName, char const *apPassword = NULL);

    //if you want to always start the config portal, without trying to connect first
    boolean       startConfigPortal();
    boolean       startConfigPortal(char const *apName, char const *apPassword = NULL);

    // get the AP name of the config portal, so it can be used in the callback
    String        getConfigPortalSSID();

    void          resetSettings();

    //sets timeout before webserver loop ends and exits even if there has been no setup.
    //useful for devices that failed to connect at some point and got stuck in a webserver loop
    //in seconds setConfigPortalTimeout is a new name for setTimeout
    void          setConfigPortalTimeout(unsigned long seconds);
    void          setTimeout(unsigned long seconds);

    //sets timeout for which to attempt connecting, useful if you get a lot of failed connects
    void          setConnectTimeout(unsigned long seconds);

    void          setDebugOutput(boolean debug);
    //defaults to not showing anything under 8% signal quality if called
    void          setMinimumSignalQuality(int quality = 8);
    //sets a custom ip /gateway /subnet configuration
    void          setAPStaticIPConfig(IPAddress ip, IPAddress gw, IPAddress sn);
    //sets config for a static IP
    void          setSTAStaticIPConfig(IPAddress ip, IPAddress gw, IPAddress sn);
    //called when AP mode and config portal is started
    void          setAPCallback( void (*func)(WiFiManager*) );
    //called when settings have been changed and connection was successful
    void          setSaveConfigCallback( void (*func)(void) );
    //adds a custom parameter, returns false on failure
    bool          addParameter(WiFiManagerParameter *p);
    //if this is set, it will exit after config, even if connection is unsuccessful.
    void          setBreakAfterConfig(boolean shouldBreak);
    //if this is set, try WPS setup when starting (this will delay config portal for up to 2 mins)
    //if this is set, customise style
    void          setCustomHeadElement(const char* element);
    //if this is true, remove duplicated Access Points - defaut true
    void          setRemoveDuplicateAPs(boolean removeDuplicates);

    std::unique_ptr<DNSServer>        dnsServer;
    std::unique_ptr<ESP8266WebServer> server;

    //const int     WM_DONE                 = 0;
    //const int     WM_WAIT                 = 10;

    //const String  HTTP_HEADER = "<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=\"en\"><head><meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1\"/><title>{v}</title>";

    void          setupConfigPortal();
    void          startWPS();

    const char*   _apName                 = "no-net";
    const char*   _apPassword             = NULL;
    String        _ssid                   = "";
    String        _pass                   = "";
    unsigned long _configPortalTimeout    = 0;
    unsigned long _connectTimeout         = 0;
    unsigned long _configPortalStart      = 0;

    IPAddress     _ap_static_ip;
    IPAddress     _ap_static_gw;
    IPAddress     _ap_static_sn;
    IPAddress     _sta_static_ip;
    IPAddress     _sta_static_gw;
    IPAddress     _sta_static_sn;

    int           _paramsCount            = 0;
    int           _minimumQuality         = -1;
    boolean       _removeDuplicateAPs     = true;
    boolean       _shouldBreakAfterConfig = false;
    boolean       _tryWPS                 = false;

    const char*   _customHeadElement      = "";

    //String        getEEPROMString(int start, int len);
    //void          setEEPROMString(int start, int len, String string);

    int           status = WL_IDLE_STATUS;
    int           connectWifi(String ssid, String pass);
    uint8_t       waitForConnectResult();

    void          handleRoot();
    void          handleWifi(boolean scan);
    void          handleWifiSave();
    void          handleInfo();
    void          handleReset();
    void          handleNotFound();
    void          handle204();
    boolean       captivePortal();
    boolean       configPortalHasTimeout();

    // DNS server
    const byte    DNS_PORT = 53;

    int           getRSSIasQuality(int RSSI);
    boolean       isIp(String str);
    String        toStringIp(IPAddress ip);

    boolean       connect;
    boolean       _debug = true;

    void (*_apcallback)(WiFiManager*) = NULL;
    void (*_savecallback)(void) = NULL;

    int                    _max_params;
    WiFiManagerParameter** _params;

    template <typename Generic>
    void          DEBUG_WM(Generic text);

    template <class T>
    auto optionalIPFromString(T *obj, const char *s) -> decltype(  obj->fromString(s)  ) {
      return  obj->fromString(s);
    auto optionalIPFromString(...) -> bool {
      DEBUG_WM("NO fromString METHOD ON IPAddress, you need ESP8266 core 2.1.0 or newer for Custom IP configuration to work.");
      return false;


This is something that happens automatically when the HTML captive portal is generated and sees the input type of the password is type=password

If you wanted to change this you’d need to hack the WiFiManager.h file and remove the part that specifies that the type=password

const char HTTP_FORM_START[] PROGMEM      = "<form method='get' action='wifisave'><input id='s' name='s' length=32 placeholder='SSID'><br/><input id='p' name='p' length=64 type='password' placeholder='password'><br/>";

This has nothing at all to do with Blynk, or the code contained within your sketch, and if you make these changes then you will need to take responsibility for overwriting any changes that are caused by future upgrades to the WiFiManager library.

This is untested by me, so may not be the way to solve the problem, but based on my experience this is likely to be the solution. I take no responsibility for any problems you nay cause yourself by attempting to modify the library files.