Main connection: WIFI, backup: GPRS (M2M connection)

Maybe the question has already been addressed and I didn’t use the correct search terms, so my question follows:

I have an application (ESP32) that uses the WiFi network to connect blynk and it works very well.
However, as it is far from the city, internet connection drops are constant (sometimes per week). Is it possible to change the connection between WiFi and GPRS (M2M connection) networks? What would be the way?

Blynk.Edgent featuring BLE-assisted provisioning, OTA, and multi-connectivity is supported as a Business plan feature.

If you need to implement the connection to the cloud, it is possible even on the Free plan, check out this example:

Tks a lot @vshymanskyy .
I have a PRO plane. So can I use GSM/GRPS + WiFi with multi-connectivity?