Magic cube with Led strip light

Hello friends I made this small project with help from @Jamin and his awesome project (led shelf light)
I used wood and plexi glass hardware I used wemos d1 mini and the led strip WS2801 here is some pics

also am gunna do my swimming pool whichs i need 5 rolls and my gazebo i need 4 rolls of LED strip.

and again thank for every one that helping us achieve our goals


Love your wood working skills! What a great idea!

Glad my project came in handy! Make sure you specify the number of LEDs so that the scrolling patterns loop correctly (default is 100 leds, change in settings) :slight_smile:

Simple to make, fun but also requires certain woodworking skills. Very nicely done!!!

yes i hocked 5 rolles together its about 1500 leds and it works fine just needs amplifire on each ends of the led strip

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thank u very much sir

Hey just wondering if you could post a few photos of how you housed the MCU and charging port? Interested in making my own as a present for someone.

Hello yes sure sir here is some pics
I used my dremel to make small house for the wemos so it can fit flash with the serface


Hello friends I just would like to add this project itโ€™s the same idea of the first one just different style .just wanted to share with u guys
My wife she won the crystal reward form at&t coz she was top 10 seller also got free trip to Bahamas.i wanted to built base for it with led so it can shine what is it written inside it.also to make her happy and make her special :slight_smile:
Thank u again @Jamin for ur idea I stole it lol from u for all my leds projects I appreciate that thank u .
This is the video for it


Itโ€™s great to see you got the multi devices working!

Iโ€™m set to release some new code soon which was going to make it easier to scale up the devices.

Good work! :slight_smile:

Thank u looking forward always :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share with u guys
Itโ€™s the same project but I did it for my fountain it look pretty good thanks @Jamin again

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you and I are gonna be good friends :smiley: i love it!

show me hue blend +1 :smiley:

Could I get any numbers on the powerconsumption :D? How many leds and amps do you max out ^^?

Man I love this project u made
So far I have 4 projects and they are all in one just need to change the menu what ever location u need and u can control it amazing
Next am gunna be doing my gazebo and swimming pool
But I think I need signal boost for the power and the data coz so far just two rolls of leds am
Able to connect together witch is 600 leds

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Hello sir
In this project am using Ws2811 and total leds are 200
I installed 5 amp power supply 5vdc
The max amps that is drawing is less than 1 amp when I choice the pattern rainbow
But if I choice one color max amps is 1.2

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Is the code and blynk app available for this somewhere please ?



Hello u can find it here



Is you magic cube running exactly the same software as the shelf though it looks different ???



Itโ€™s the same code just had to change which led strip am using and the names and zones and number of leds
The shelf one is belong to @Jamin I did the magic cube according to his idea and am doing other thing also the same idea just add more zones and menus

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