Made a new organization, can't edit phone app

I am using the Pro version.
I have made 3 sub organizations, and that has worked as expected. Only thing seems to be, I lost the ability to edit the app details, I no longer have the wrench in the upper right corner.
I can not add myself as a user to the device organization. I can access the device by going into that organization in the phone app. But I wanted to add a button to the devices app and don’t see how
I can.

Bill S

Hi Bill,

Please clarify, are you using IOS applications and want to edit the template in a sub organization?

Dmitriy from Blynk

This is what I found out, When I use a device template ( lets say “A” template ), and made some devices. In the Main Organization, using the mobile dashboard in the right corner there is a wrench that allows me to edit the Mobil dashboard. When I have some devices in a Sub-organization the Wrench is not there. and those devices are no longer in my main organization, leading me to think I couldn’t change the dashboard. I found out any devices in the Main-Organization with the “A” template would also change the ones in the Sub-Organization.

Thank you for Trying to answer my question, without the needed info.

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You cannot edit templates after switching to a sub organization. But any of your changes to the template in the main organization will also be applied to this template in the sub organization.

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Hello. That’s expected.

You can create and edit templates in the root organization only. This statement applies both for web and mobile app. In other words, you can edit web and mobile dashboards (wrench thing) only when you are in your root organization.

When you create a template it is propagated down in the hierarchy to all sub organizations you have. But editing is possible only in the root org, where you initially created the template. All changes within templates are propagated to the sub organizations.

You can move devices within organization hierarchy as you want and edit them. But for the templates you have to go to the root org. This is something we may improve in the future. But in order to keep things simple it’s not yet done.

Its a livable thing one you are aware of it.