M5Stack and Blynk. WebDashboard and ApplicationDashboard

Now I create the M5Stack core 2 to connect to Blynk for Wi-Fi. To create code the joystick and the radio control car. But iOS application “Blynk” and PC’s Blynk can’t connected. Blynk application was version up but many Internet’s informations are ver 0.1.
I want to help to use better iOS Blynk app .

What exactly does this mean?

What Blynk App and C++ library versions are you using?

What sketch are you using?

Is your device successfully connecting to the Blynk server?

What exactly does:

mean in detail?


I use Blynk.Console and Blynk app for iOS. And I want to connect to m5StackCore2 at the Wi-Fi. Besause to create joystick on the Blynk app but this does not show online and Blynk.Console menu shows online. I don’t understand why happen this. Is programming to devote itself to m5stack wrong? May I have to do it by application? Please tell me. I use platformo of VSO for it and a program.


I used Blynk IoT NEW and C++ library ver 1.69.
I use sketch Visual Studio Code’s PlatformIO. Device is M5stack core2.

The latest version is 1.1.0

Posting your whole sketch might help.

[Unformatted code removed by moderator]

For privacy protection, I turn down the name of the Wi-Fi.

Please edit your post and add triple backticks ``` before and after your whole sketch.

I’m looking for an app version, which is a number and this is available in the app itself.
There is no C++ library version greater than 1.1.0 so it can’t be version 1.69.

Unless you’re prepared to provided these two simple pieces of information its very difficult for us to help.

In reality, nobody is going to find your house and sit outside using your WiFi, so leaving these credentials in you sketch is no big deal - although redacting them is good practice.
On the other hand, publishing your BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN allows anyone to control your M5Stack device from anywhere in the world, so it’s always a good idea to redact the template ID, device name and auth token from your sketch.

Please fix the formatting of your code, ad explained by @John93 otherwise it will be deleted.


After reexamining it, the version was 1.10.7.

What does this version number relate to?

It’s not a valid app or C++ library version as far as I know.

Maybe posting screen shots would be better.

Your unformatted code has been removed, as you didn’t add triple backticks as requested.
When you post code to the forum it needs top have triple backticks on a separate line at the beginning and end of the sketch.
Triple backticks look like this:

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[code screenshot deleted by moderator]

[code screenshot deleted by moderator]

We don’t seem to be doing very well here.

We don’t want screenshots of code, we want you to copy and paste the code and paste it between triple backticks.

What we do want is to get sensible answers to the question of which ap version and which Blynk C++ library version you are using, and the answers you’ve provided so far don’t make sense to us, so in that case it would make sense for you to post screenshots of the app version number screen and your IDE where it shows the library version number.

Until you provide this information in a useable format we can’t really help you.


My blynk app ver 1.18.



Open the Blynk app that is installed on your mobile device, go to the About screen and either tell us what version number it shows, or take a screenshot of that screen and post it.

When you compile your sketch in PIO, what Blynk library is being used…


Post your full sketch, with triple backticks at6 the beginning and end.

Unless you can do these things, we can’t help you.