Lost my energy points when deleted project with widgets


As per title. I deleted one of my Blynk projects in Blynk app along with the widgets inside. My energy wasn’t restore as if I would delete the widgets from the project first. How to restore the energy points now?

Try restarting the app. This will force the app to fetch your account info from server.

Thanks for reply. I tried looking for the lib but did not find any that could help me resolve the issue for Arduino. Can you recall where it was posted?

Anyway, one thing makes me wonder. Current issue looks as follows:

  • Run sketch (from compiler)
  • It reaches the Blynk.begin(BLELink, auth); line
  • attempting to connect with phone
  • stuck, can’t connect

However, if

  • connect to BLE device first
  • run sketch (also from compiler)
  • reach the Blynk.begin(BLELink, auth);
  • it passes trough and goes to loop()

It means I must be connected first, once it reaches Blynk.begin(BLELink, auth); line and phone was not connected to BLE device there is no way to connect, stuck. Must restart sketch.

Now, when I try to run the device itself (without USB connected) with loaded sketch then first scenario applies.

Should I consider it as possible bug?

Energy has nothing to do with devices, it’s linked to your account.