Lost energy?

I’ve seen somewhere that the default amount of energy is 2000, but I only have 1300. Why is that?

Info that could be useful:

  1. My account is pretty old.
  2. I registered on iOS app few years ago.
  3. Today I logged in to Android app and deleted my old project.
  4. I don’t remember sharing any projects, and If I did, I would have 1000, not 1300, right?

Version: 2.27.25 Android
Server: Blynk Cloud

Are you sure you don’t have any widgets at all in any of your projects?


Yes. I deleted all my projects, and created a new empty project. Energy was 1300 when I tried to add something.

What’s the auth code for that project/device?



Okay, have you tried logging-out of the app and back in again?


Yes. I even logged in on another device.