Lost Energy after update to 2.16.3 and logout/login


yesterday I updated to 2.16.3 and after logging in again I lost all my energy (bought at 2017-10-25)

Only the new paid energy ( from 2017-11-11) is visible.

Can you check that when I send you my account details?

Thx and regards,

Your account on Blynk’s server is where all projects and energy tabulations are stored, so updating the App should have absolutely no effect on your energy. Are you sure you are using the same account, before and after your energy purchase?

You can also send @Dmitriy a Personal Message with your account info for him to double check. Click on his name and then click on Message.

Hi, thx for the rapid reply.
Yes, I’m using the same account.
I’ll send you the account details.
Regards. A.

Not me… send to @Dmitriy

Ok, @Dmitriy

@Dmitriy - Account is xxx@gmail.com
Thx in advance!

@abutux fixed. Sorry for inconveniences.

@Michael_Waheeb do you have Android or iOS?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: perhaps I will use diagrams next time… in crayon :smiley:

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@Dimitry Thx again! Blynk is really great - And I saw and see that issues and occurring problems are recognized quickly and solved independantly.You’re doing a great and very helpful job for the IOT communitiy.

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