Lost all my energy today

I am using an Apple with software version 10.1.1. Today when I went to the widget page I saw it drop from 400 to 200 without picking a widget. _ exited the page and re-entered the page and saw it drop to 0 energy. Is this a known problem? What do I need to do to correct it?


Hello. What app version do you have?

I can’t find the app version that is on my phone. Where is it located? I first started using Blynk about March of this year. That is the only app download I know of.

I found it, I’m running Blynk version 2.7.6.

Now my phone says my Blynk app is 2.7.10. Are there automatic updates? Also looking at the apple store the latest revision is 2.5.10 dated Dec 13, 2016.

Please try to remove and install app again.

If I remove and reinstall the app will I loose my projects or they stored in the server? Is there any things I should do before removing the app?



I removed and reinstalled. My energy is still zero.

Please tell me your login email. dmitriy@blynk.cc


I haven’t purchased any credits yet, but am reluctant to purchase any yet as I also lost most of my energy just playing around. I have removed all my apps and I still only have 700 energy.
Running V2.10.1 on Android. I attempted to uninstall and re-install and no change as I imagine it’s stored serverside in my account (same email address as this forum account.

@olafnz hello. There are features like sharing and Home Screen Widgets that don’t return energy. In case you used them - this is expected.


I can’t explain exactly what went wrong to create the problem or what I did to fix it. I think it was an issue with the Ios and Blynk software version not being fully compatible. I had automatic updates turned on and everything worked great until a new release came out. It may be wise to leave automatic updates off and monitor new releases. If the new release seems bug free then install it.

As for your problem the best thing I can think of is to reboot your phone, reinstall the latest software. If that doesn’t work reboot and install a previous version. It is always wise to reboot your phone before updating or installing software.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replies.
In response, I didn’t add any home screen widgets or any other non-refundable items. I was just playing round, added a new project with 3-4 widgets, and then the widgets disappeared (blank layout screen) without refunding the 1300 energy. I just thought you’d like to know that although the software is overall excellent so far, there is definitely a bug that can cause widgets to disappear off the layout. However it has not happened since.

Thanks for reporting. Please give me your acc email I’ll fill it with energy. You can send private message here.

Hi Dmitriy,
Thanks for your response. My email is olaf_nz at hotm ail dot co m (no spaces). I did just buy 2400 energy last night, but before that my balance was 700, so I believe I lost 1300.
Much appreciated, and apart from that one issue I’m finding Blynk to be really helpful, thank you.

Done. + bonus for inconveniences.

Just a thought, perhaps instead of the current model for example home screen widgets, make it a one time purchase for the ability itself, since you can’t keep track on them, this model may be better?