Lose information

Hi. I have a blynk project with esp32 and esp8266.Sometimes i have lost information at 5:14 AM. last time was Sunday 5:14AM. Is it possible that is problem of the server?
where can i see the status? because the only place i found it says tha 99.9 % of the time is ok, but i need more info.
Thanks in advance

Sounds like something that your ISP is doing at a scheduled time.
Or, it could be something environmental, such as a heating system starting-up.


Hi pete, with ISP do you refer to Internet Service Provider or my program in the microcontroller? and also i didnt undertand your second option about system starting up environmental.


Is there something within your house like a central heating system, hot water heater, aircon system, lights, etc etc that is controlled by a timer and which turns on or off at around 5:14am every day?
If so, this might be generating some interference that causes your device to go offline.

You mention that you have a project with an ESP32 and ESP8266. Are these two devices both connecting to Blynk, and if so, do they share the same auth token?