(looking for) Blynk Bridge (alternative)

hi i want to establish a setup with 2 esp8266. one of which has a 8ch realy board connected and the other has 8 tact push button switches. how can i connect both of them to the blynk server and to each other.
i know blynk bridge is an option. but since i want reliability and a failure plan(just in case my wifi goes down).
i want them to connect to each other directly and not using the blynk server but i should be able to use blynk. Such type of setup should be possible as the esp8266 can be used as a client and as an AP at the same time.

ROUGH IDEA------------------------------
lets assume that there is only 1 relay and 1 button on the esp’s for easy explanation
the esp which has relay’s attached to it acts as a client and ap at the same time and connects to my home wifi using the client part and the other esp(button esp) connects to the AP of the relay esp.
in theory this is possible
i would like to ask all the coders,enthusiast and the founder members of blynk to give thier respective opinion’s suggestions and solution for this kind of a setup.

i down have the esp’s right now but they are on their way from china and i will be getting them by the first week of june. till then we could discuss about the various methods to solve the problem and chose the best solution(at least on paper).

It should be technically possible to implement using completely custom connection management, as shown in these examples: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/tree/master/examples/More/ArduinoClient
If you need more than that - the library is open source so you can tweak it to your needs.
BTW, contributions are highly welcome :wink:

i am not a coder. it was just an idea for the coders here to give this a try.

Just make HTTP requests via the Server from one ESP to the other. It’s possible to do that with the http client libraries.

i don’t want delays in the communication and http is considerably slow

HTTP requests will be very fast with Blynk. I’ve used them in getting API data from different websites and I must say there is not much slowness going on.

can you show me how to do that or at least give me an example

Its a big piece, but there is code here: https://github.com/WhizzCat/sunriselight_0.3_anon

There is a specific file in the src/ directory that handles the http request. You just have to make it so it point to a valid url at the Blynk server (remember to also change the port)