Long term logging solution needed

Hi everybody,

since I just found out the csv logging for the vPins has been discontinued I now need another way to log some debug information.
Until now I used the terminal on vPin 122 and my esp posted information on that pin.
So I was able to see what my esp was doing right now and keep track of things it did over night or a few days ago.

Does anyone have an idea how this could be realised?
Maybe installing another server on my raspberry pi, but that may be a bit to much for just logging some info.
I also thought about writing to a google spreadsheet or creating a .txt file on the SPIFFS from the esp but implementing those two options would also cost me a lot effort.

How did you solve this issue?

EDIT: just to clear that out: I’m using a local server!

You can still export CVS’s on local server by assigning the pin to a history graph and then exporting in the app.

Doesn’t seem to work with Strings…

My debugging Info looks like this: 2018-11-04 05:46:05

@Andre_Wa how much data do you have?

You can email 1200 characters at a time, maybe more, by changing the SENDBYTES parameter.

hmm, thats not enough. Right after boot I have about 40 lines with 40 chars each (without timestamp)

Ok, current plan would be to implement the ESP8266 example sketch FSBrowser and have the logfile saved on the SPIFFS.

Easier attempts still welcome…

What about like this? http://docs.blynk.cc/#blynk-firmware-debugging-blynk_log

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial // Defines the object that is used for printing”

Seems to make only serial-outputs doesn’t it?

That command will print out debug info to the set serial port - >see related post here< where you can redirect that, and any other serial.print() data you want, to terminal for later review.

Ok, but this is the point where I’m at using my own logging function.
It´s just writing some text to the terminal.

How can I retrieve the terminal text that is 5 days old where let’s say thousand posts followed?
Is the only way of doin this setting the buffer in the server.properties?

That should work for shorter term retrieval… that’s all I usually look at.

In regard to the CVS logging… I haven’t done any of that myself. However, I understood that the Blynk team only removed the automatic logging?? And that the functionality was still there for individual use (on local Server) once set up… @Dmitriy am I understanding that incorrectly? I still see the referencing to it in the documents.