Login timeout with blutooth module

I was trying out the Blynk ‘‘getting started’’ code, with a HC-05 module,an android phone, and a Arduino micro.

When i ran the code, it keeps saying: Login Timeout…

But i’ve noticed this line of code: SoftwareSerial SerialBLE(10, 11); // RX, TX

I think those 10 and 11 need to be different, but what does it need to be? im using these for the bluetooth module:

So do those 10 and 11 need to be diffrnet? or do i need to do something else?

EDIT: i might have found that they need to be 0 and 1, but it doesnt work. But then ive also noticed that it says BLE and i think the HC-05 doesnt support that.


Those are whatever pins work for SoftwareSerial for your Arduino… you then connect your BT module to those pins

Pins 0 and 1 are also used for the built in programming UART, so you want to avoid using them… thus the use of SoftwareSerial and alternate pins.


For whatever reason, the library states BLE for both BT and BLE use… but it will work.

#include <BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h>

So i need to connect the RX and TX to 10 and 11? but those arent labeld TX and RX…

Now i’m even more confused :sweat:

So i dont need to change that BLE line of codes?

Thats is what SoftwareSerial is for… check out that 2nd link I already provided

Your Arduino only has one physical serial interface (UART), and that is used for programming, or the IDE Serial Monitor, or somthing else (like hooking up a serial device), however, only one thing at a time!

So, in order to avoid conflicts, including needing to unplug your BT module every time you program the Arduino, you can instead hook the module up to those “simulated” serial ports thanks to SoftwareSerial (but keep the BAUD rate to 9600).

Only in reference to the library. Basically, just include it and thats it, as it will work for either BT or BLE.

So just connect the rx of the BT module to 11 and the Tx of the BT module to 10 like this?:

Alright, ill try when im home, thanks!

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Yes… and assuming your BT module has been set to 9600 BAUD (if not, then do so), then this basic code should get you connected and send the seconds uptime to any Display Widget on virtual pin V5


PS, isn’t your BT module 5v? You show it plugged into 3.3v power.

But the BT module operates at 38400 BAUD doesnt it? and how do i check?

I’ve used this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Remotely-Control-LED-using-HC-05-Bluetooth-Arduino/ and he says use the 3.3v

You can Google for many available resources on that… but generally they default to 9600.


As for power, what does your module say on it, if anything? It is probably good from 3.6 - 6v and it might work on 3.3v but I would recommend 5v (that what all mine work on)… unless you literally only have the wee little chip portion (with the side solder points) and not one that is soldered onto a breakout board with the 4-6 pins, as shown in your Fritzing diagrams.

Ok, so to make it clear: connect bluetooth to 10 and 11, change bluetooth module to 9600 BAUD, and put it on 5V?

Tap your heels three times and say out lou… oh, wrong forum :wink: … Yes, and load in the current sketch from the examples link I sent you above.

Also be sure to include the BT Widget in your App project and after pairing your module to your phone, go into that Widget and connect to the module, then start the project… as per here…

Meanwhile in your serial monitor it should show you “Waiting for connections…” and when connected, the App should start displaying the seconds

Yeah, ive already got that and everything, but it just wouldnt send anything over the app, even tho the HC-05 was connected

Well if you had the USB plugged in and serial monitor open then it was on the same TX/RX pins as the BT module, thus no worky :wink:



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