Login iPhone

Good night friends I have the app on an Android and wanted to know if it is possible for me to use it simultaneously on an iPhone I ask this because I can’t log in to the iPhone … this is giving an error Everything is connected on the same wifi

Yes, the App can be simultaneously used across different devices: Android, iOS, emulators, tablets, etc… as long as a using the same account and the widgets used are compatible with both Phone OS’s (some widgets are not available on the iPhone… probably due to Apple limitations)

I only use stylized buttons, but I think that is not the problem …
Another thing, when I created the account, I did it with Facebook, now on every device I need to login on Facebook to be able to access the blynk or just put email and facebook password?

good night friends,
i still have no solution, i can’t log in to the iPhone. No android works, no iPhone, this error from the image above

If you created the account by logging in with faacebook, then you’ll need to keep doing that - otherwise once you are looged in add your email address and a new blynk password, then use those credentials for subsequent logins.


sorry for my ignorance, but how do i do that? where exactly?