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Just new at Blynk where I’m confused about the logins that I now have. I registered and activated myself at https://blynk.cloud/ and waited for a day to see if my credentials were activated and could be used on my tablet. Unfortunately I could not login. So created an Blynk account via the Android Blynk app with the same email address. Now I’m able to login to the app, but it appears that there is no link between the app and the Blynk.cloud which confuses me. In another post I already read that this forum is separated so using again new credentials. Can someone provide clarity as I now have 3 accounts and none seem to be connected.

Thanks Wilko

What version of the app are you using on your tablet?


You need to install Blynk IoT app, not Blynk (Legacy) app.

Hi, Thanks for the quick response. I’m using the legacy app and that appears to be the problem. I noticed that the legacy app has a different license model. Or at least many of the functions like a map can be used to test without the need to upgrade. To get familiar and play around to see the functionalities this is more inspiring in the legacy app then in the new app. Till when will the legacy model be supported?



Blynk Legacy stopped being developed over 2 years ago, and stopped being supported by Blynk earlier this year.
Your only support is now via this forum.

You should switch to Blynk IoT.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for your prompt reply and I’ll move to the new version.

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