Log in error - Android

Installed Android Blynk app from Google Play Store; installed without problem; activated account via email. I attempted to log into Android Blynk app with email address and password. Error: “User is not registered”. I reset the password via email and tried to log into Android app again - Same error - “User is not registered”. I tried the username without the email address also without success. Email also sent to “Support”. Any help appreciated.

Could you please put more details on what does it mean? We don’t have any email activations.

I suspect you tried to use your forum credentials to get into the app. Thos won’t work. Forum and app are not connected, unfortunately. You need to create a new account in the Blynk App - just tap on “Create New Account”

That solved the problem. I confused the community forum credentials with the separate Android app credentials. Thanks for the excellent, quick support!!