Log-in credentials - option to save password on device (Auto-login)

It would be great if there was the option to save the password on the device so that the login could be done by just tapping the login button and not having to type in the password.
I think everyone who uses the app on a regular basis notices that for some reasons you get logged out from time to time and you have to type in the password to get back in. This can be very annoying sometimes like: you wake up in the morning, still sleepy, and want to switch off the alarm system and with your sleepy eyes you have to type in the password. Similarly, you are approaching home in the car and you want to open the front gate with the app but you are logged out. You´d have to stop to safely type in the password and log back in.


It never happens with me. Could you please describe when do youg logged out?

Sounds like a bug

It just happens from time to time that I am not logged in after I tap on the icon to open the app. I am sorry but I cannot really link it to any other event. It is not very frequent though.

@Pavel entering a password is very annoying especially when switching between servers.

Tip: use same login details for all servers but you still have to enter a password.

This is a security measure and can’t be avoided.

Some day we will tie servers to the projects, not to the whole account and you will need just to register once.

@Pavel but surely you can save the password within the app rather than us keep having to enter it. All other apps do it this way. I wasn’t suggesting there shouldn’t be a password but simply that we don’t have to keep entering it.

I would also like to request this feature; saving login credentials that is.

I can and do reproduce this problem regularly, unfortunately (with both Android and iOS), e.g. by not having an internet connection when opening or switching to the blynk app (one specific instance is after I come home and my phone is a little confused between using cell or wifi for internet). I get an error telling me that the server can’t talk right now (which makes sense) but I also get logged out and the password field is empty (which, arguably, doesn’t make much sense to me, particularly from a UX frame of reference).

Fixing this with a simple option to remember my password would leave me tremendously grateful.

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I perfectly agree to the scenario you describe.

I do understand you comment about the security. However, you could leave it up to the user if he/she wants to use it, by providing the option “Save password ?”

Not sure if this will helpful for you, but since @Pavel won’t address this I’ve found I run into this problem significantly less by turning off Cellular Data entirely for the Blynk application, at least so far.

If you’re more of a tinkering type, you may also consider looking at node-red + the node-red-dashboard plugin which may provide a flexible alternative to Blynk. It’s certainly not as easy to set up, but I’ve found it to be more useful overall than Blynk for my own needs (there’s also a node-red plugin for Blynk in any case).