Lock sign on Superchart in Android

Hi, In the Blynk IoT app on Android, a lock sign has appeared on supercharts, because of which I can only view “live” data and the chart wont change to Landscape mode. This problem does not happen with IoS device. Can you please explain how I can unlock and use all features?

Upgrade your plan.

Thanks. It would have been nice if a popup was provided once the lock button is pressed with your message

It’s available in the web dashboard, when you click on the locked widget you will see upgrade message.

Hi, which app version is it? and on which plan are you currently: free, plus, etc?

This is on Android app. I am using free account

This issue is fixed and will be released in next Blynk IoT Android app version.
Thank you for submitting!

I would like to verify that this fix is for the superchart not allowing to switch from live to 1hr, etc? I have an issue with superchart on Android right now that it freezes with whatever time it was on the last time I opened it up in blynk. The only way to fix it is to force close Blynk and then it will view the latest time and switch between live and other available times.

thanks for the report. We had plans to release a new update at the end of this week so that the fix to the described bug will be available soon.

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I had an update on my phone to 1.6.4 but the problem I described above with the superchart not letting me switch between live and any other setting is still there.

Thanks for the report, we have not been able to reproduce this issue still (I’ve added some changes but it seems they had not fixed anything). It seems I will add additional logging for it in the next version and will ask for logs after reproducing the issue.

After your response I automatically closed Blynk before checking the charts. Today I tested the superchart problem by leaving Blynk open from yesterday and this morning when I checked the problem didn’t show up. Not sure why at this point but wanted you aware that at the moment I can’t reproduce it. Should I get it to reproduce I will let you know.

Thanks, if you will reproduce the problem - send the logs after that, so I can check why the app did not refresh graph data. To send logs: Left menu → About → Send logs → Gmail (app will fill data and attach log file) → Send