Locating Library for BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h

Sorry, Newbie here.

I’m struggling to find the BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h library to include in my Uno Sketch. Any pointer would be appreciated.
Also, where do I find Widgets to establish the BT connection?

Thanks in advance

Hey there,
If you are using blynk IOT, there’s no Bluetooth widget because blynk IOT doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Thanks John93.

I got the code from the pages which allow configuration for Uno and BLE devices. However reading deeper it suggests a widget is needed to pair the Console with the BLE device. Are you saying this is not available (there are notes that say BT support is Beta only).

Thanks again.

Are you using the new blynk ?

I have the latest version of the iOS App and the links for the console etc were provided by Blynk last week…so I think it’s all the latest.

Check this out

Hi, thanks for that, it makes some sense now.

Where are the widgets selected from (in the console or the App)?

You can create a web dashboard or a mobile dashboard, it’s up to you

Brilliant thank you.

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