Local Server without internet

I have a local server using raspberry pi. I have the sign in using my outside ip address with port forwarding. Under this login I developed my home automation project. Everything was going fine until the power went down. Since I didn’t have internet, but had a generator going that provided everything else, in the way of power. But now, I could not login to the app. I know the setup was pointing to my outside ip address, so I changed this to the internal ip address of the server. However, I was never able to log into the project. I have tried to look into some of the other post, but did not find any reference to this scenerio. Can you tell me what I need to do to have access to both. I do want to have access from remote locations using my app, but would also like to have local access, when the internet is down. Yes, I want my cake and eat it too! Seriously, let me say, you are providing a service (blynk) that is very much appreciated.

Unfortunately there are no current options for saved, multiple logins.

I know that is a request that has been made in the past, and it is a very welcome feature I have on my Blue Iris DVR app (LAN and WAN login, automatically picks correct one with saved IP/port, login and optional password)… and it makes for a very seamless transition from home to the big bad world.

And when at home, even when the power/internet is off, I still have full DVR function/connection and viewing (thanks to battery backups on the router and such).

So basicly I too would like the same flexibility on my App / Blynk Local Server.

@Dmitriy Not sure if you are the correct one to pass this onto, but here is another request for this