Local Server Setup Questions

So I downloaded everything I could find for the local server, ie blynk-server-master and the java server file itself. As I understand it to be, you just run the java executable and that’s it, the server is online. SO many questions about this. 1, How do I find the name of my server? Is it just my local ip? And can I access it online? Would that require port forwarding with my router? 2, Is there any way to change my server in my current account or do I have to make a new one? And can I just make a random fake email
? I don’t really feel like making a bunch of legit emails for all my different local servers(I am constantly messing with my computers so the servers wont always stay the same). I don’t think this is all the questions so I’ll probably add more later, but this is a start.

  1. all your assumptions are correct… for your name, you might want to look at a ddns service like noip. for the short term, just use the ipaddress of the server until you are up and running.
  2. nope. every time you login to another server, with another account, you have a new setup. server1 > account1, a new setup. server1>account2, a new setup. server2>account1, a new setup and server2>account2, a new setup.

you can move your servers around like you’re thinking. I test various linux software packs, so im constantly reformating the same box over an over. I’ve found that the my.email.org.USER files are the ones i like to keep, because they hold your project details. And the server.properties / mail.properties files as well.

Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated. About the email part, is that an email name? The MY.EMAIL.ORG.USER, Could you articulate? My knowledge doesn’t really encompass all of one subject, so you can just treat me as a complete noob to everything :joy::wink:

sure thing. when you start up your new server… and point your phone app to it, you will have to create a new acct. after you’ve done that part with your email address… take a look in the --data directory you’ll use on the server start line. you should see a new file with your username that you created. It will end in an extension of *.USER .

You might already see an admin@blynk.cc.USER account in that same directory.

Gotcha, so you’re saying that I should keep those files when I change the server.