Local Server Port 80

Under Automatic Let’s Encrypt certificates generation, where it says:

You need to start server on port 80 (requires root or admin rights) or make port forwarding to default Blynk HTTP port - 8080.

…I’ve followed the instructions for Port forwarding for HTTP/S API, but all attempts to access port 80 internally or externally get redirected to the default BLYNK_LANDING value of https://www.blynk.cc.

Does the above statement infer anything beyond changing the http.port value in server.properties file to 80 and then running

java -jar server-0.39.5-java8.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk

Maybe I’ve just managed to stare at it too long - but could use some advice on getting port 80 to play nice. I couldn’t get the Let’s Encrypt stuff to work automatically, but installed a manually generated setup that is working correctly.

That’s correct. Server doesn’t have any default landing page. Redirect means all is ok.


Presumably because the selfhost flag interferes with the already running blynk instance?

There are similar errors already discussed in the forums, but I wasn’t able to find a resolution either.

Not sure I understood you.

Hi Dmitry. Can we make the redirect go somewhere else instead on blynk.cc? I mean everything else to stay as it is in server.config.

Thank you.